Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Written Test with Digilink.

I am here narrating my experience with digilink written test.

I received a mail from digilink on 16/04/2010 regarding written test, which is scheduled on 22/04/2010. after seeing that mail i phoned to Ananth, Abhi and asked them whether they received any mail from digilink, They replied 'not'. I was thinking not to attend that because 22nd is Thurday no holiday for our office.

On 19th April Monday Ananth had phoned me and told me that he and Abhi got a call from Digilink so i decided to attend written test with my friends.

Thursday 22nd April i wake up at 6.30 had bath left room at 7 and reached to Electronic city around 9.15. Before i reach, Ananth and Abhi was there.

We reached to Digilink around 9.45. At the reception they had given Visitor tag only to Abhi because only one tag remains with receptionist. Anath and me went inside with out tag and assembled in seminar hall.

After 5 min Arun kumar(HR) had come to seminar hall and given few forms to enter our Educational details, After that they Explained about their company for 10mins, Then he gave question paper with three white sheets for writing the answer. The test was 1.5 hour duration. He gave at 10.45 and collected at 12.15. The question paper had 4 sections 1st one was Aptitude, 2nd section had some questions from OS and Network, 3A section had some questions on C language and 3B had some programs on C language, They had given coffee in the middle of the test.

After completion of test they asked us "who were going to take lunch here...?" Out of 9 members 8 rose their hands. I was one among them.

There was halfen hour time remaining there to take lunch during this period we had roam around the digilink.

They had called us at 13.15 for lunch. We had lunch at digilink canteen. After lunch i met Arun Kumar and thanked him.

They have arranged CAB for us to reach Silk Board from Digilink.

I am very happy that they had taken lot of care on us. I like those type of companies.

Finally I want say Thanks to Arun Kumar (HR DIGILINK).


  1. What happened after written test ?? and why did they take you to silk-board?

  2. I not yet get any call. CAB was going towards Jayanagar. We needed to reach KBS so they took us to silk board. from there we can get many buses to KBS.