Saturday, December 26, 2009

Trip to Belagiri Rangana Betta

I had been to BELAGIRI RANGANA BETTA with my friends during study days at SJCE. There was a group that include me, abhi,roopi, gaja, KC, Joby, Chips, Uppi, Ravi and Santhu. we were planned for trip might be KC had suggest that BRB is the best place and it is very near to mysore. Then we all were agree for his decision and planned for trip on sunday.

Last night of Trip i had iron my clothes, Filled bottle with water went to bed very early because we have to leave mysore early in the morning.
I got up at 4AM and gave wake up calls for other friend who wishing to join the trip, There was a big compitation for taking bath because of only one water heater. around 5 AM i successfully taken the bath. After that i had sent message to friends for joining us at my home. around 6AM all the guys accompanied with us except Santhosh and Chips, Roopi and gaja joined us at Private bus stand, their homes near to bus stand. We came to Harsha bar junction and waited for Santhu and chips for about 10 min.
After they joined us we enquired two auto drivers regarding fare to reach mysore private bus stand but they says 80 for each auto we need two autos we were 8 members. but we did not agree for that fare and waited for City bus.

We got the bus at 6.15AM at harsha bar reached to Private bus stand around 7AM. had a slight break fast. we got the bus i have forgotten that bus name, All of us got the seat because that is starting point, Bus left the mysore at 7.30.

Bus reached to T-Narasipura at 8.30 oclock. I got down bought center fresh. Then bus reached to Yelandur around 9.15 and conductor told there is 15 min time for breakfast, But we already had break fast at mysore so we spent 15 min for taking photos there.

Bus left for BRB and passesed through curved up and down roads in the thick forest, We had seen deers, Bears, Peacock etc.
We reached BRB around 11AM first we had seen Theru or Ratha which was in Soligas fashion, it looks different compare to others Ratha's we observed different things on that about 15 min after that we had big group photo section on steps of hill. Later we reached to top of the Hill. It has one big temple of Biligiri Ranganatha swamy. we offered pooja to the GOD. sat in the temple about 10 min. After that we had taken many photos at the hill. There was a Annasantharpana that began at 1PM we had lunch there and rendered 101RS.
After that we went to Swamy Nirmalananda Ashrama. met swamiji and asked many question on religion, god and yoga etc, he gave small debate on religion and offered prasada for us. we had taken one Group photo with him.
We left ashrama at 5.30PM reached to Chamarajanagar at 6.45PM by KSRTC bus, Visited Charamaraja swamy temple at C-nagar , had dinner at hotel and reached to C-nagar railway station around 8.45PM. The train arrived at 9PM and all of us got seat in the train it seems very less passengers. Upendra proposes to play Dumb shards we played till train reaches to Mysore. we got down at Chamarajapuram railway station around 11PM walked about 4KM for home and reached around 12PM. and had a strong sleep in that night.

Monday, December 21, 2009

My First interview experience with INTEL

Intel visited to SJCE campus in 2008 for recruitment. Only Computer Science and Information Science branch were allowed. I sent my resume to Akshatha, she was placement secretary for CS-A. She has to forward resumes to intel people. This company shortlisted more than 15 people directly without written test, I was one among them. Morning at 10AM Chinka had informed me that i shotlisted. Immediately left my home and went to college. I discussed some Algorithm and mysql quiries with my friends. Around 2 PM entered into interview room.

me: Gud afternoon Sir.
int: Gud afternoon R u Manjunatha.SV...?
me:yes Can i take this seat.....?
int: please.
me:Thank you.
int: Where r u from......?
me: I am from Singanapalya, Near Goravanahalli Lakshmi temple Tumkur.
int: I know GL temple.
me: have you been there....?
me: how was the temple......?
int: fine
me: did you see teetha dam..........? it is near to temple.
int: yes.
int:Tell me about your self......?
me: i told about my education, hobbies, passions, and interesting about linux.
int: what do u knw about linux.....?
me: i explained some linux commands, fine systems etc.
int: where do u want to see after 5 years...?
me: Project Manager
int:he asked two question about maintaining good relationship with friends...
q1: if ur one of friend scolding U any time what wil u do.....?
me: i talk to him don't sold me what i did wrong for u when he wil be in good mood.
q1 continue: even he continue scolding.....?
me: i wil contact some of my friends who are friends to him plz inform him not scold me
q1 continue: even he continue...?
me: I wil break friendship.
q2: if u r a project manager u should do complete one project with in particular period but man power is very less what wil u do.....?
me: i wil inform to all people do the work at night shift
int: if they not agree.......?
me: I wil tel them that i wil increase ur salary for working in the nite shifts
int: You are not having right permission to increase salary HR wil have that. U should tel them u wil give a good role in the group.
int: Ok Manjunatha We need some people to work on linux platform. I wil discuss about u with some people. thank you.
me: thank you sir.

I went out from placement office.

I din't get short-listed to next round.