Monday, December 21, 2009

My First interview experience with INTEL

Intel visited to SJCE campus in 2008 for recruitment. Only Computer Science and Information Science branch were allowed. I sent my resume to Akshatha, she was placement secretary for CS-A. She has to forward resumes to intel people. This company shortlisted more than 15 people directly without written test, I was one among them. Morning at 10AM Chinka had informed me that i shotlisted. Immediately left my home and went to college. I discussed some Algorithm and mysql quiries with my friends. Around 2 PM entered into interview room.

me: Gud afternoon Sir.
int: Gud afternoon R u Manjunatha.SV...?
me:yes Can i take this seat.....?
int: please.
me:Thank you.
int: Where r u from......?
me: I am from Singanapalya, Near Goravanahalli Lakshmi temple Tumkur.
int: I know GL temple.
me: have you been there....?
me: how was the temple......?
int: fine
me: did you see teetha dam..........? it is near to temple.
int: yes.
int:Tell me about your self......?
me: i told about my education, hobbies, passions, and interesting about linux.
int: what do u knw about linux.....?
me: i explained some linux commands, fine systems etc.
int: where do u want to see after 5 years...?
me: Project Manager
int:he asked two question about maintaining good relationship with friends...
q1: if ur one of friend scolding U any time what wil u do.....?
me: i talk to him don't sold me what i did wrong for u when he wil be in good mood.
q1 continue: even he continue scolding.....?
me: i wil contact some of my friends who are friends to him plz inform him not scold me
q1 continue: even he continue...?
me: I wil break friendship.
q2: if u r a project manager u should do complete one project with in particular period but man power is very less what wil u do.....?
me: i wil inform to all people do the work at night shift
int: if they not agree.......?
me: I wil tel them that i wil increase ur salary for working in the nite shifts
int: You are not having right permission to increase salary HR wil have that. U should tel them u wil give a good role in the group.
int: Ok Manjunatha We need some people to work on linux platform. I wil discuss about u with some people. thank you.
me: thank you sir.

I went out from placement office.

I din't get short-listed to next round.

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