Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why do i like Malnad areas.........?

I was thinking to create a new post. But didn't get any matter, so i decided to post my desires towards Malnad area.

My Father always was questioning me "Why do you like Malnad area........?" Here i will depict my thoughts.

We all know this song "Malnada henna mai banna......" I am ending this song.
We can call DK(Dakshina Kannada),Kodagu,Shimoga,UK(Uttara Kannada),Hassan,as malnad areas in Karnataka. Why we call these areas as malnad.......? What is the Specialty of Malnad area.......?

1)We can see greenery every where(western ghats).

2)Rain is more: Only for 3 months are spared from rain in these areas).

3)Many rivers are born in these areas: Netravathi, Cauvery,Tunga, Badra, Kumaradara etc.

4)Short(Mini) buses are running with very High speed:
This is the first thing everyone notice when he reaches malnad area. The bus has to run in the ghat sections in many curves, so the bus is always short, but bus fare is very high. We need to pay 3 times more fare compared to my area.

5)No water scarcity: Sea is very near, many rivers flow in these area, most of the people depend on water from wells. They can get water by digging the well about 20-30 meter depth.

6)Near to coast: People can spend free time at Beach because beaches are very near.

7)Many famous temples are situated in these area: Dharmastala,Kukke Subramanya,Shrungeri,Sigandur Chowdeshwari temple, Kollura Mukambike, Mahabaladeva Temple Gokarna, Boppanadu Durgaparameshwari etc.

8)Mountains are very near: People can go for trekking very often.

9)Fish is the main food: This is the only food these people can get at very easily and at low cost.

10)Many water falls are located in these areas.

11) I like the culture of malnad people: The culture of the people is some what different than our culture.

12)Many Good institutions are there in these regions.

Above facts make me to like malnad areas.